Chasing perfection

I came across an interesting quote from somebody today… it said something along the lines of “perfection is only achieved once you look beyond the imperfections that lies ahead of you…”. This got me wondering a little about what it really meant. Of course to start with nothing is perfect. There is no such thing and yet humankind chases perfection… it’s everywhere you look. Buildings, cars, processes, procedures, medicine, software etc. etc. It’s a constant strive to be prefect or rather to be better than what was possibly previously. It’s an admirable quality that has propelled us forward to state the obvious.

Then I realised it is perhaps a contradictory statement. Perhaps what the author intends isn’t perfection. Perhaps it is balance. Since nothing forever remains perfect (it just can’t), seeking perfection is a journey. But when it comes to balance in our own day to day lives there is an element of truth of in it. Balance and perspective are two crucial aspects that most people don’t get right. I certainly don’t. I’d like to think I do but I certainly don’t! An interesting observation led me to conclude that more often than not people who have not quite managed to look beyond these “day to day” imperfections in their own lives are the ones to unceasingly flirt with perfection with all tangible things. This is not supposed to be a generalisation but merely an observation. For instance… an urge to keep things meticulously tidy and pristine to the extent where this process gets in the way of simple enjoyment. However, like with everything in this world… entropy increases… always. Perfection is a momentary manifestation of state of mind. So enjoy it whilst it is there… for tomorrow what you may think perfect may turn your world upside down. Carpe Diem!

So here is my take on life (as per Edmund’s old tutor bubbleface): make love and be merry, for tomorrow you may catch some disgusting skin disease.


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