Is this it?

How many times have you asked yourself this rather silly question before doing something or before an event of some kind? And more importantly why do people do it? The question in question is “is this it?“. I mean… is this what? Yet this simple sentiment exudes ample insinuations about the state of mind of the questioner! In fact this tells you that the person would rather like “this” to be “it”… it’s a rather perennial gesture of the romantics and the dreamers… and quite and old trick in the book… it’s akin to saying “oh, yes please… some of that would do very nicely indeed…” This fits in with our British way of life very well.  It fits like glove in hand in fact!

What precisely is the point in making everything straightforward and crystal clear? No fun in that. You’d much rather come up with absurd lines and metaphors that only the keenest of mustards will pick up on. A sense of humour is key here. For instance, to quote from Blackadder… “life without you maam is like a broken pencil… pointless”. Now that is delightful and sharpest of sharp bit of humour. Much like our “is this it” or “this is it” phrases before an imminent event or an action.

I for once have this “is this it” phrase loitering around my head this evening with a distinct lack of purpose. So… is there a point in this nonsensical rambling? Oh yes!


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