Thoughtfulness has mostly left our psyche. It is a precious commodity that harks back to pre iphone/ipad, facebook/twitter era. In those days face to face nature of daily interaction almost made it mandatory to apply a generous sprinkle of thoughtfulness. It was essential and unlike the world today, you could not forego it quite so easily. A little humble slice of thoughtfulness kept every single local community ticking over…. plodding on.

Fast forward to today and its remnants are mostly tucked away outside the cities where people still know who their neighbours are. Recently I went to London to see some friends and was genuinely flabbergasted by an apparent lack of courtesy, thoughtfulness from all concerned. From the little kid on the street for whom respect for elderly and grown-ups was scant to the grown-up himself for whom respect for fellow grown-ups was non-existent. It was bizarre to say the least… as if everyone had taken an oath to actively weed out courtesy and thoughtfulness from the day.

Imagine London underground, which at best of times resembles a can of packed sardines in an oven, on a muggy summer day. People breathing on your face, leaning on every single support structures and thereby preventing others from using them, kids and grown-ups listening to an appalling brand of booming noise through their headphones utterly oblivious to an nearby elderly struggling to stand up and a pregnant woman staring into a fictitious space quietly wishing someone would just give up their seat. It is a truly sorry state of affairs.

These may require a grand gesture of selfless bit of courtesy; but consider this… what has happened to the old smile and wave… a gentle query as to how one’s day is progressing… a courteous “let’s hope you don’t get run over by a rutting rhino and die and instead have yourself a nice day…”.

No… none of that exists these days. Instead what you see are bunch of self centred, self pleasing bastards for whom calling the fire brigade if your house was on fire would probably cause inconvenience of untold volume.

So a day that had began in such a fashion that it had all the potential for serious depression to kick in rapidly, sap out the early morning optimism and ultimately wreck the whole day was miraculously rescued by a lovely bit of unexpected thoughtfulness from somebody! Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Thoughtfulness

  1. Lumi

    I like this one !
    ”rescued by a lovely bit of unexpected toughtfulness ” And here ”Thank you” sounds so confidential…

    1. vidyerthy Post author

      You know sometimes expectations are not realistic. I mean even if this person did not show this bit of thoughtfulness nothing would have changed. But the fact this person in question did so changed my day. Something so simple can bring such simple joy. I wish we all could be more thoughtful.


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