Kiev Fortress

Recently I was went to see Kiev Fortress. Light was a little too bright to take any decent landscape shots but I did manage to get these two shots which I quite like. The first one is of a couple getting married. I like it because how the picture made me feel at the time… a newly wed couple starting out a journey of a new life together with

Newly weds

Life ahead for the newly wed couple

great optimism. The road ahead of them is theirs to shape, the future is theirs to build with seeds of life to be sown. The empty courtyard represents all of that for me. Seeing that made me optimistic too. A prosperous future is for everyone to build and let’s hope they do just that.

The picture of the cannon pointing over and beyond is rather beautiful. It represents sacrifices people had to make to get to where they are today. Building a rosy future isn’t always a rosy journey in itself. There are times when sacrifices need to be made, tears shed. There are times when all hope is gone, faith must be kept. In the end the clouds will lift and darkness will dissipate and make room for a new dawn. A dawn that will make the sacrifices worthwhile and bring prosperity.

Kiev Fortress

Past and the present


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