Don’t wait too long

This morning I woke up with a strange dream. Luckily the details are fairly clear so it gives me an opportunity to carry out some sort of introspection. I remember being on a hill with breathtakingly beautiful views. I get out of the car to let the fresh morning air cleanse the soul. In that serene moment I notice two gentlemen arguing. The suited and booted gentleman appears very condescending in his behaviour whilst the other gentleman appears to be apologetic. Whilst I cannot remember how I concluded who was being unreasonable, I do remember being clearly upset the suited and booted fellow for his atrocious and inexplicable behaviour and scant regard for the other gentleman. This upsets me and I begin to procrastinate my moral responsibilities. Should I simply walk away or step in and try to defuse the matter? Should I care? Should I simply get back in the car, find a different spot and carry on feeling cleansed by the fresh morning air? An eternity later I finally decide to exercise my moral code. I walk up to those two fellows and realise that I had been right all along. The suited and booted fellow is simply being terribly unkind to the other; demanding things of all sorts that the helpless chap simply cannot give and thereby proceeds to kick him with utter disdain. At this stage I finally decide to take things into my own hands in an effort help the poor guy. Precisely at this moment, it all begins to get rather strange. From being fit and healthy; all of sudden I see myself in a wheelchair unable to put up a fight…. I try my best but sadly in a losing cause. The suited and booted fellow continues to torment the helpless, hapless guy; who incidentally is also in a wheelchair now.

At this moment everything becomes perfectly clear. The tormented fellow in the wheelchair is none other than myself. We are the same person! I woke up in a cold sweat in the morning. All through the day I had thought about this rather disturbing dream and finally I have come to the following conclusion….

If your heart is egging you on to fight against everything that is wrong and unethical and stand up for everything that is right and good… then do it. Don’t wait too long for you never know when the wheel turns and you end up on the other side screaming for help… but everyone is busy feeling cleansed by the fresh morning air. Don’t lose your basic moral values and responsibilities….


2 thoughts on “Don’t wait too long

  1. Jay Caniel

    Very interesting! I think its funny how people don’t speak out for whats right because they are not in the situation. Like you said sooner or later the tables might be turned. I have worked in several organization where unethical practices was the norms. It was sickening to see people sell out for a pay check. I fought back by being outspoken, and for that I have always ended up in a better situation. The most important fact, is that I have been able to respect myself for doing what is right.

    1. vidyerthy Post author

      Hi Jay,

      You’re absolutely right. It is rather sad. This change in peoples attitude is so noticeable. 10 or 20 years ago things were different. We all had time for each other. There was a real community feeling. Things like that are simply eroding away. And the thing you mention about keeping quiet for pay cheque… it really bugs me too… there are many people whose moral compass is totally misaligned. But don’t worry… one day they will find themselves in a similar situation and there will be no one to speak out on their behalf…

      I wish things were different. There are people (like yourself and I am sure many others) who will do the right thing and that’s what keeps us all from falling apart….


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