Game set match

Have you ever wondered why would an otherwise perfect day can sometime turn out to be not quite so fulfilling? You wake up to a gloriously crispy autumnal morning. Clear skies, beautiful sunrise, misty morning, delightful sound of birds singing and then for much of the day a shade of gorgeous blue paints the sky. You accomplish what you  set out to accomplish throughout the day with aplomb. Not only that but things that you didn’t even particularly plan for just fall into place. A road that is normally full of inconsiderate pillocks turns into a joyous occasion to celebrate motoring. A Tesco queue – probably the dullest place on this earth brings a smile to your face. You open the letter box and find yourself some rather convenient and useful vouchers. Good Lord…, there is also an unexpected cheque from the tax man.  But despite all of that…  there is a nagging feeling that none of this matters. The day could be much better. Much much better… only if.. only if… No matter what you do thought of somebody totally and utterly dominates the mind and the heart.

Isn’t that a wonderful feeling? You’ve been fighting the urge, keeping yourself distant whilst building this impregnable wall that you feel will keep you cocooned. It is water tight, foolproof. You sit there thinking you’ve got it covered. But regardless of what you think this is always a false economy – for when it needs to find a way through it will and you will be hugely relieved that it always does! And thank God such is the case for otherwise this world would turn out to be a sad empty place devoid of any joy… full of discontent and bitterness. And who the hell would want to live in a world like that?

Oh yes my friend, it is game, set and match!! Indeed it is! Aren’t you just glad? Don’t you have that smile on your face? Yes, you do… that’s what I thought.


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