No way out

When should you accept defeat and settle for second best? Is that even a thought worth entertaining? Would it be the right time once you have weighed up all your options, taken into consideration the all too important matter of practicality and such like?

Frankly this is something I have never quite fathomed. Folks tell me this is a balancing act that all grown ups perform in their day to day lives. Idealistic views are just that – views. You win some and you lose some. Since you cannot control every aspect of life, often those idealistic views seem almost impossible to achieve; no matter how studiously they are pursued. What then of chasing dreams? At what point do you say this is was my best shot and it came up short. At what point does relentless quest of an idealistic view (or say a dream for that matter) become a fruitless adventure? At what point should you throw in the towel? More importantly does that make you a lesser man/woman for simply giving up?

Life isn’t perfect. I know that. You know that and I suspect pretty much everyone else knows that. What of then abandoning a quest? How do you even know you have tried every trick in the book? More importantly how do you live with this knowledge that perhaps you didn’t give it your best shot? What if you had persisted that little bit longer? What if you were prepared sweat a little more? What if you were that little bit more stubborn? Perhaps you would have extracted a satisfactory result!

It bugs me. It has bugged me all my life and it will bug me until I take in my last breath. I am a methodical person. I am organised. And I have an answer to this. It’s called prioritisation. You give weights to everything. You rank them in order of importance. You define success criteria. You think long and hard about milestones. You think of highly suitable alternatives. It has to be that way for the world is not ideal. Furthermore the journey itself is the reward. At the end, the result is a mere cherry on top. You cannot control how things turn out. However what you can control is how you approach each quest. How well you prepare yourself. Often people say genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration! And, yes… I agree. This is the case for many things in our lives.

But what then when the simple matter of the heart is involved for it isn’t as realistic as the thing in between your ears! It won’t care for highly suitable alternatives. It won’t care for the weighting and the ranking system you have devised. It understands none of that. It is stubborn! Stubborn stubborn stubborn bloody wretched thing!! Not until every single avenue has been explored, every single stone has been turned…. not until it is impossible in its absolute sense that it would dare give up.

What I am trying to say is that once you have unlocked the heart, you’re in. Make yourself a cup of tea and get comfortable for there is virtually no way out 🙂


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