Forgiveness, love and compassion

What will you do if you were bestowed with the power to make the world a better place? Which particular aspect will you tackle first? Where will you start? Will you systematically take out every single imperfection and replace it with perfection? Will you make the rain go away and bring sunshine? Will you abolish poverty and enrich lives of people with prosperity? Will you bring justice to those who deserve it? Will you make sure put an end to child abuse? Will you bring about equal opportunity? Will build hospitals and schools in places that need it the most? Will you offer education for all? Will you rid evils with good? Will you change the world forever?

I suspect you would want to do all of those if you could. But then reality hits home and with it the realisation that more often than not we simply talk about changing the world without ever acting.

It reminds me of that great and often under appreciated song by Michael Jackson – “man in the mirror”. The beauty of it all is that you don’t need to perform any such herculean efforts to start making a difference. You need to better yourself… control what you can. You won’t win the lottery tomorrow that will allow you to build schools in poverty stricken part of the world – but you could donate a small amount to a charity. You won’t make everyone’s Christmas but you could give up your Christmas and help those numerous organisations trying to help thousands of homeless folks over the Christmas period. You don’t need to bring justice but ensure you never take advantage of others. You don’t need to end child abuse but ensure you never lay your finger on a child. You don’t need to rid all the evils but just ensure you never attempt to become one. You do your bit and just hope the rest of the world follows suit – trust me… it will make difference!

Start with the basic ingredients that don’t cost anything at all… forgiveness, love and compassion.


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