Blissful life

Sometimes you see something and you just know that is what you would like. I went for a drive around Penn and Hazelmere today. Not for the first time mind. But I felt something extraordinary today that I have never felt before.  There was some kind of sedate serenity about the place. Streets were littered with leaves, wind blowing directionless, the sun was out in all its glory and might bathing the whole village in beautiful warm amber glow. It was a shame that I hadn’t thought of taking the camera with me. Penn was picture perfect today.

Immediately my thoughts turned to its many occupants. I started wondering if they too live such a picture perfect life? Everyone has tucked away in the corner of his or her mind an ideal picture perfect life. So do I. Mine has always been that of a middle of the road family, with middle of the road issues and in general a blissful and harmonious life. There is nothing grand about any of it. It doesn’t have to be a manor house; there is no need for Ferraris, Lamborghinis; there is no need for a pony… just a loving wife, couple of beautiful children and just about enough to live comfortably and give the children a decent education and perhaps the occasional ability to spoil the wife and kids at times.

But then I realised something. There was something mighty odd about the whole thing. None of it is really possible without hard work. A blissful life style is not something that you can buy from a boutique shop. The seeds that you sow in early part of your life enable you to reap the benefits at a later stage. A blissful life is only possible if you have done the hard grafting earlier on. Unless of course you are one of those born with a silver spoon in your mouth; and there are plenty around. For majority of us though it is all about grafting…. grafting hard. And it pleases me so much to see hard grafters who made good. The old saying rings true… no pain no gain.  A blissful life is unlikely to land on your lap. You have to earn it.


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