Onwards and upwards

Another year comes to an end and oddly unlike previous years, I am not in a reflective mood. It is quite a tradition for many to sit back, breathe in and evaluate the year gone by and set targets and goals for the year ahead… including making a few mental notes of what worked and what didn’t.

I am not in a reflective mood today mostly due to the fact the year presented ample opportunities to do just that. Mostly I learned two things. Things that I knew already…

  • freedom
  • love

Freedom is such an important aspect. Without freedom living is as amusing as an asthmatic going on a holiday in an incessantly suffocating island in hell. In other words… rather pointless. Freedom exists in many different forms and guises. Financial freedom is one such imperative kind. It is an awful and sickening feeling to get paid at the end of the month and within the very first week face the prospect of various direct debits and standing orders reducing the wage to a bloody pittance. So personally it was finally a great relief to finally get to the other side and smell the fragrance of financial freedom; although not quite 100% but close enough. 2012 is all about being studious enough in order to finish the job once and for all.

Almost three years of utter cynicism finally came to an end during a summer holiday trip. Although I did not quite a fall in love but an incident of great significance took place. I understood that you can delay it, you can fight it off for a while but eventually love will get you. And what a wonderful feeling it was. As the curtain finally begins to fall on 2011 it feels as if it is indeed beginning to get me. Oh yes.

Adieu 2011. Hello 2012… onwards and upwards!


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