You must choose

It is perversely amusing to watch someone, who up until now has been used to meandering through life perfecting the art of choosing from a range of options from terrible at one end to less than average at the other, to appear utterly clueless when presented with options that are both blissfully pleasant and strikingly attractive. These are uncharted territories. The selection criteria for preferring one over the other are confusing & unclear. The only aspect that is clear is each option is as good as gold and both exhibit the potential to transform into be what this person has been yarning for.

Going by previous decision making processes, it is clear to see that this person  has a tendency to choose options that require greater amount of effort and discipline. As if the twisted inner psyche somehow yields in inversely proportional levels of satisfaction to the overall effort required and likelihood of eventual success.  His/her previous such rationale defying act of indulgence (does sound like that – doesn’t?) ensued a spectacularly unfavourable outcome. What will he/she do now? What are the odds?

What do you do when heart is equally split? You can’t have both. You must choose.

If you are reading this, I’d love to hear your thoughts


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