Moving on

And so the day came when I quit work. It was on the cards for some time but for one reason or another it took time to make that decision. This post isn’t so much about quitting my work but quitting in general and especially moving on thereafter.

Moving on is an essential life skill that comes with time. We are creatures of habit. A long habit is difficult to shake off. Think of smoking which, at its most granular level, is nothing more than being occupied for a few minutes and getting away from it all. At least that is how it was for me. But change is the only constant you will find out there. Everything is changing. Everywhere you look you would find changes… constant changes. Just because something has been right for you in the past does not mean it will be so in the future. This applies to everything you can practically think of…. a job, a relationship, taste in food and music, your own characteristics. It happens to you as you grow old en route to a better understanding of what you want out of life. And you hone in on these elusive few bits and bobs that you want out of your life you make  deliberate changes to facilitate the process. You orchestrate your habits and behaviour around this particular need. There are a few obvious reasons why one should move on. These pretty much depend on one’s tolerance threshold. In other words – when enough is enough it is time to move on…  However some of the others are difficult to get to grips with. For instance…

  • goals and needs have changed

Realigning yourself to your new goals and needs can be difficult. Ironically the most difficult part isn’t ‘letting go’ but an intrinsic acceptance that you have changed and that itself necessitates other changes.

  • fear of change

This is the most humane of all factors. Most of us like stability. Unknown is always difficult to embrace. However, this sense of seeking adventure and sailing into the unknown is what made humans prosper. Fear of failure and disappointments can often be factors for not wanting to change. However, imagine living in that way – without any sense of excitement, drama, adventure. It’s a dull life. And if that is what you want then be it. Honestly, there is no wrong or right way. What works for you best is often the right way. That being said… oh the dullness of routine… imagine living life eating soup and never tasting grilled smoked salmon and crab… Seek out adventure… You will win some and you will lose some. Dealing with failures and disappointments to rise above it all is what distinction is all about. Rise and rise high.

  • stagnation

This is a stage that often stems from the inability to deal with the previous two (or perhaps others) facets. Life is all about discovery. Good and bad. All discoveries are learning processes that shape your decision makings and survival skills. If you are not learning, you might as well not bother living. This is especially true in the context of one’s professional career. If you feel you have not learned anything new in the last 6 months to align your career to those aspirations then it is time to move on. Don’t be afraid… move on, discover… the only constant is change and you know it.

Accept the truth and be thankful. It is never late to make a change. Focus on what can be changed. Don’t try to change the world. Start with realistic targets. People say winning is a habit. Once you make small changes successfully, you will be that much more likely to succeed with bigger changes. Control what you can control and stop worrying about the rest. Man in the Mirror is a wonderful song for it shares the fundamental truth – if want to make the world a better place, then take a look at yourself and then make a change! Go on take a chance, make a change, seize the day, let the past go, rise higher than before and move on…


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