So why do people write blogs? I asked myself that question the other day. There are probably hundreds of reasons. So what makes me want to write yet another blog? To be honest I do not know. Not yet. However, I do have a sneaking suspicion that it is quite likely to be about stultifying simplicities we encounter in our day to day lives. This is something I have certainly noticed in my own life so far. Simple things get harder to attain and achieve. Even more baffling is the more one tires to seek elucidation of certain life events, the harder it becomes to grasp it. So proof then… some kind of quantum mechanics is at play.

Other than these ramblings (or perhaps even rants) you will find material related to photography.

That’s about it for now… let’s see how it shapes up!


One thought on “About

  1. Mai Mack

    Hello! My name is Mai and I kinda wanted to try something different. I have been searching through different blogs trying to find people that fit into my plan. You may be one of those people. Showing people the clear picture is a something I want my readers to see too. Okay, at first it was all about changing myself. But than I realized how could chaning myself help the world? So I decided to help others too. Doing that alone is not so easy though is it? The more people speak and work together the more they are heard. I want to start a blog that helps people by showing them how they can change and how they don’t have to feel alone. If you would like to look at it you can just go to http://thiswillbechangedoncewegetstarted.wordpress.com/.
    Let me know if this is anything you are intrested in. I thought if we could get a group of people together giving advice and spreading the word we could really reach out to people. This may sound crazy (and it is a little) but I could really use your help.

    Email me if you have any questions: mailynnmack@gmail.com

    (this is not a con or anything just an oppurtunity I also have a blog that is for myself at http://makingmeoverhomeedition.wordpress.com/ check me out if you want. i am writing to you because i believe we can make something that is not just good but great)


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