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Cliveden House

The other day I went to photograph Cliveden House. Even though the day appeared to be bright it was still damp and sometimes wet in places. Certainly a very early spring day in England. Here are some shots…

Spring at Cliveden House

Majestic Clivden House

Glorious views around Cliveden House


Beautiful Brooklyn Bridge

A glorious shot of an iconic bridge

I captured this wonderful moment when I was in New York earlier in the year. Looking through Lightroom I came across this and thought I’d share with you all.

Forgiveness, love and compassion

What will you do if you were bestowed with the power to make the world a better place? Which particular aspect will you tackle first? Where will you start? Will you systematically take out every single imperfection and replace it with perfection? Will you make the rain go away and bring sunshine? Will you abolish poverty and enrich lives of people with prosperity? Will you bring justice to those who deserve it? Will you make sure put an end to child abuse? Will you bring about equal opportunity? Will build hospitals and schools in places that need it the most? Will you offer education for all? Will you rid evils with good? Will you change the world forever?

I suspect you would want to do all of those if you could. But then reality hits home and with it the realisation that more often than not we simply talk about changing the world without ever acting.

It reminds me of that great and often under appreciated song by Michael Jackson – “man in the mirror”. The beauty of it all is that you don’t need to perform any such herculean efforts to start making a difference. You need to better yourself… control what you can. You won’t win the lottery tomorrow that will allow you to build schools in poverty stricken part of the world – but you could donate a small amount to a charity. You won’t make everyone’s Christmas but you could give up your Christmas and help those numerous organisations trying to help thousands of homeless folks over the Christmas period. You don’t need to bring justice but ensure you never take advantage of others. You don’t need to end child abuse but ensure you never lay your finger on a child. You don’t need to rid all the evils but just ensure you never attempt to become one. You do your bit and just hope the rest of the world follows suit – trust me… it will make difference!

Start with the basic ingredients that don’t cost anything at all… forgiveness, love and compassion.

Kiev Fortress

Recently I was went to see Kiev Fortress. Light was a little too bright to take any decent landscape shots but I did manage to get these two shots which I quite like. The first one is of a couple getting married. I like it because how the picture made me feel at the time… a newly wed couple starting out a journey of a new life together with

Newly weds

Life ahead for the newly wed couple

great optimism. The road ahead of them is theirs to shape, the future is theirs to build with seeds of life to be sown. The empty courtyard represents all of that for me. Seeing that made me optimistic too. A prosperous future is for everyone to build and let’s hope they do just that.

The picture of the cannon pointing over and beyond is rather beautiful. It represents sacrifices people had to make to get to where they are today. Building a rosy future isn’t always a rosy journey in itself. There are times when sacrifices need to be made, tears shed. There are times when all hope is gone, faith must be kept. In the end the clouds will lift and darkness will dissipate and make room for a new dawn. A dawn that will make the sacrifices worthwhile and bring prosperity.

Kiev Fortress

Past and the present

Windmills of your mind

There is something wonderful about windmills and lighthouse. Recently I went to Pirogovo which lies at the southern end of Kiev. You can take a marshrutka there, take a taxi or drive. By car the this little gem of  a place is not more than 30 minutes drive from the city centre. It is well hidden as most interesting places in Ukraine are. You have to look carefully for a sign ‘Muzey‘  under trees to find your way. When the weather is nice Pirogovo is probably is a delightful place to relax, take a walk and enjoy the peace so close to the city with friends and family.

Majestic and moody surroundings of Pirogovo

Things you’ll see

Various types of houses, churches and mills either brought from or constructed as originals from different regions of Ukraine. The construction of Pirogovo began only in 1969 but the look and feel of 17th and 18th centuries have been successfully recreated. Inside the houses there are usually souvenir shops. Inside the churches you can see icons, old altars and other religious items. You can also get a guided tour (ask at the entrance).

Things to do

There are several restaurants and cafes  as well as a shashlik place so you can rest and try all kinds of traditional Ukrainian food. The craftsmen also have a little market there.

A truly wonderful place of serene traqulity

I found it to be a truly wonderful place of serene tranquillity. There are also plenty of restaurants and shops selling handmade table cloths, embroidery, shoes, wooden kitchenware, accessories, sculptures, pictures, hats and much much more. You can also take a ride in a horse carriage for 30 UAH for a ride that lasts about 15 minutes.

Windmills of Pirogovo

Windmills of Pirogovo

If you like architecture and serene surroundings then this place is definitely not to be missed! Not only just architecture, this place of outstanding natural beauty. There are hundreds of delightful landscapes to photograph. This place is full natural woodland and beautiful flowers amongst many other things.

The territory of historic Pirogovo now serves as the location of a 1.5-square-kilometre (370-acre) outdoor Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine. Founded in 1969, the museum contains over 300 pieces of folk architecture brought here from all parts of Ukraine and carefully reassembled. The picturesque hill with several windmills is the museum centrepiece and the entire territory of the museum is divided into sectors, each representing the folk architecture and life of a specific Ukrainian region.

Two of a kind

Blooming flowers

Homes, buildings of small trade, commerce and local administration, and old wooden village churches contain authentic items that represent the everyday lifestyle of Ukrainian villagers and town folks. Local volunteers and modern Ukrainian artisans selling their wares dress in old-style clothes and demonstrate the use of authentic everyday items to visitors.
Pirogovo museum has been accorded the status of State Museum of Ukraine and is affiliated with the Institute of Arts, Folklore and Ethnology of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine. Hope you will have the opportunity to visit this place one day!

Feeling good

Walking up down Long Road by Windsor Castle during sunrise is truly blissful. The autumn colours had set in making the trees and the surrounding area look majestic.

Lingering mist

The lingering mist added a sense of suspense and romance. I felt serene. A kind of tranquil sate of mind that allows us to look beyond those day-to-day imperfections (see previous post). A state of mind of that says, “it’s ok”. A state of mind that says, “it ain’t so bad”.  So why do we not feel this way constantly. Well, I think it is simple. Most of the time circumstances won’t allow your subconscious to be in a state that can feel that way.

Lingering mist in front of Windsor Castle

And that is a good thing since you cannot feel this way incessantly. I wonder if that would devalue the feeling itself.
Many people practice deliberate creation solely by focusing on the intent that they want to manifest. The problem with this type of manifestation is that those who visualise and meditate on their desires are usually so attached to the outcome that the manifestation doesn’t “pitch up”. Manifestation occurs because of the feelings that you send out, not because of your thoughts. You have to be in vibrational harmony with your desire in order to manifest it. Only emotionalised thoughts have any actual influence on the subconscious mind. The emotion you feel is the energy of intent and the vibrational state you are in.  There are probably two things that you need… a) a strong desire force and b) a state of appreciation.

So I guess what I am trying to say is just be thankful for the journey and whatever comes along the way. At the end of it all it will be worth it.