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One of those days

It’s been one of those days. A day that begins perfectly well with all its intents and purposes but then slowly and surely begins to fall apart. Typically speaking these types of days rarely occur just out of the blue. Throughout the week a certain theme develops. Perhaps a bad day or two at work, perhaps a torpid, dormant yet deep frustration with something or somebody, perhaps an unceasing sequence of misfortune – these all build up to an unsustainable level and thereby manifest themselves by piercing through that general happiness bubble. The worry free bubble.

Feeling down and stressed at the end of the day does not resolve the very thing that causes them in the first place. What is really needed is an analysis of the situation and an action plan. Things that you can do that will remedy the situation, that will have a positive impact. If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot see a way out then that is indeed bad news. However, truth be told, it is extremely unlikely. Life is all about constant adaptations, adjustments and tweaks. There is no magic formula that will keep the mojo going forever. One always has options. It may not always be an option that is strewn with jasmine and lavender leading you to a land of plenty; but an option nonetheless.

I have no complaints. Things are better than yesterday and I am glad for that. Tomorrow could be much worse. And whilst I don’t subscribe to, for want of a better phrase, the idea of seizing the day and choking on the bone at the cost of tomorrow, I do recognise that there needs to be a balance. At times a philosophical approach is needed to resolve a rut like this.

I strongly believe that there is nothing particularly wrong with worrying and feeling stressed or depressed for a length of time. These are necessary evils… for without them happier times aren’t fully appreciated. Imperative is a sense of resolute commitment to the cause, the cause of transcending. Astute and incisive actions in order to mitigate the rut and facilitate the means to excel. Call it whatever you like, but without making these positive strides you are likely to go nowhere.

As they say when the wicket is up and down, get a good stride in and play with soft hands. It’s been one of those days…


World is not enough

Life sometimes can be such a mystery. At times it can be sickeningly and delightfully joyous and yet at times so frustrating. It is only when we accept its mysterious ways that we can begin to feel comfortable. It is perhaps no coincidence that quantum physics underpins it all.

One cannot apply calculations and come up with prediction models to try to explain its mysterious ways. Easier said than done. Pragmatic as though we may sound most of the time, we still endeavour to do just the same. How foolish. As if “Murphy’s Law” simply didn’t exist. How dare they?

There isn’t really any mystery to it so long as one does not try to decipher the perceived mystery in the first place. Take a chance. Go on, take a God damn chance. No matter how precariously stacked the odds might be against you; take a chance. Likelihood is an infuriatingly disadvantageous concept since it’s very definition gives you a shot. Unless you give it a shot, the chances of likelihood squashing all hopes is remarkably and overwhelmingly high.

Oh… mmm, I don’t know her/him enough yet” is simply a false economy for you could never know someone enough. And when you think you do it is either too late or even worse you’re proven embarrassingly and more often than not, painfully wrong. Past experiences profoundly shape the cognitive side of human psyche – quite rightly so. No one enjoys being burnt twice. However, the flip side of it is that past experiences should not stultify cognition out of recognition. Not everyone is the same. Not everyone is out there to get you. No two experiences are ever the same. Sometimes if it feels right, then it is probably right. Don’t be afraid. You can never know somebody enough by sitting on the other side of the fence. Go on, step out, be positive and reach out for sometimes even the world is not enough.

Forgiveness, love and compassion

What will you do if you were bestowed with the power to make the world a better place? Which particular aspect will you tackle first? Where will you start? Will you systematically take out every single imperfection and replace it with perfection? Will you make the rain go away and bring sunshine? Will you abolish poverty and enrich lives of people with prosperity? Will you bring justice to those who deserve it? Will you make sure put an end to child abuse? Will you bring about equal opportunity? Will build hospitals and schools in places that need it the most? Will you offer education for all? Will you rid evils with good? Will you change the world forever?

I suspect you would want to do all of those if you could. But then reality hits home and with it the realisation that more often than not we simply talk about changing the world without ever acting.

It reminds me of that great and often under appreciated song by Michael Jackson – “man in the mirror”. The beauty of it all is that you don’t need to perform any such herculean efforts to start making a difference. You need to better yourself… control what you can. You won’t win the lottery tomorrow that will allow you to build schools in poverty stricken part of the world – but you could donate a small amount to a charity. You won’t make everyone’s Christmas but you could give up your Christmas and help those numerous organisations trying to help thousands of homeless folks over the Christmas period. You don’t need to bring justice but ensure you never take advantage of others. You don’t need to end child abuse but ensure you never lay your finger on a child. You don’t need to rid all the evils but just ensure you never attempt to become one. You do your bit and just hope the rest of the world follows suit – trust me… it will make difference!

Start with the basic ingredients that don’t cost anything at all… forgiveness, love and compassion.

Kiev Fortress

Recently I was went to see Kiev Fortress. Light was a little too bright to take any decent landscape shots but I did manage to get these two shots which I quite like. The first one is of a couple getting married. I like it because how the picture made me feel at the time… a newly wed couple starting out a journey of a new life together with

Newly weds

Life ahead for the newly wed couple

great optimism. The road ahead of them is theirs to shape, the future is theirs to build with seeds of life to be sown. The empty courtyard represents all of that for me. Seeing that made me optimistic too. A prosperous future is for everyone to build and let’s hope they do just that.

The picture of the cannon pointing over and beyond is rather beautiful. It represents sacrifices people had to make to get to where they are today. Building a rosy future isn’t always a rosy journey in itself. There are times when sacrifices need to be made, tears shed. There are times when all hope is gone, faith must be kept. In the end the clouds will lift and darkness will dissipate and make room for a new dawn. A dawn that will make the sacrifices worthwhile and bring prosperity.

Kiev Fortress

Past and the present

Give a little

Why do some find it difficult to give? Why do some people give and give and then give some more? When I was a kid, like most kids, giving (within a social context like playing games) disguised the ultimate motive. There was nothing sinister about it. A simple unwritten yet well understood doctrine. Anyone who violated this ran the risk of being left out. It worked rather well. Isn’t it amazing that no one teaches you this most basic of human trait.

But is it a sustainable model in the world of the grown ups? I suspect giving shouldn’t always equate to a right to receive. Fast pace of life together with toxic side effects of capitalism makes us live in a weird bubble where goodwill struggles to permeate through. Each act of kindness masquerades an ultimate motive.

So what happened to giving or helping just for the sake of it? Fortunately it is not all doom and gloom. There are plenty of people for whom reciprocity of giving does not weigh them down. It is a beautifully altruistic gesture. Its delights may not be obvious to the giver at first until he or she receives a similar selfless gesture, an act of pure kindness from somebody else. All of a sudden the floodgates open and the realisation sets in. Being in a position to offer hope and help (no matter how insignificant) to the needy in such a selfless fashion is one of the most enchanting characteristics of being human. It is this fundamental heart warming quality that makes us humans so special.

Just imagine how you would feel by an act of “no strings attached” pure kindness at a time when you needed it the most. I guess what I am trying to say here is help and support those in need… for the act of giving never diminishes contents of the bucket you give from. Give a little!

There is a wonderful article on BBC’s site that sheds some light on capitalism. Have a read…  A point of view: The revolution of capitalism!

Feeling good

Walking up down Long Road by Windsor Castle during sunrise is truly blissful. The autumn colours had set in making the trees and the surrounding area look majestic.

Lingering mist

The lingering mist added a sense of suspense and romance. I felt serene. A kind of tranquil sate of mind that allows us to look beyond those day-to-day imperfections (see previous post). A state of mind of that says, “it’s ok”. A state of mind that says, “it ain’t so bad”.  So why do we not feel this way constantly. Well, I think it is simple. Most of the time circumstances won’t allow your subconscious to be in a state that can feel that way.

Lingering mist in front of Windsor Castle

And that is a good thing since you cannot feel this way incessantly. I wonder if that would devalue the feeling itself.
Many people practice deliberate creation solely by focusing on the intent that they want to manifest. The problem with this type of manifestation is that those who visualise and meditate on their desires are usually so attached to the outcome that the manifestation doesn’t “pitch up”. Manifestation occurs because of the feelings that you send out, not because of your thoughts. You have to be in vibrational harmony with your desire in order to manifest it. Only emotionalised thoughts have any actual influence on the subconscious mind. The emotion you feel is the energy of intent and the vibrational state you are in.  There are probably two things that you need… a) a strong desire force and b) a state of appreciation.

So I guess what I am trying to say is just be thankful for the journey and whatever comes along the way. At the end of it all it will be worth it.

Chasing perfection

I came across an interesting quote from somebody today… it said something along the lines of “perfection is only achieved once you look beyond the imperfections that lies ahead of you…”. This got me wondering a little about what it really meant. Of course to start with nothing is perfect. There is no such thing and yet humankind chases perfection… it’s everywhere you look. Buildings, cars, processes, procedures, medicine, software etc. etc. It’s a constant strive to be prefect or rather to be better than what was possibly previously. It’s an admirable quality that has propelled us forward to state the obvious.

Then I realised it is perhaps a contradictory statement. Perhaps what the author intends isn’t perfection. Perhaps it is balance. Since nothing forever remains perfect (it just can’t), seeking perfection is a journey. But when it comes to balance in our own day to day lives there is an element of truth of in it. Balance and perspective are two crucial aspects that most people don’t get right. I certainly don’t. I’d like to think I do but I certainly don’t! An interesting observation led me to conclude that more often than not people who have not quite managed to look beyond these “day to day” imperfections in their own lives are the ones to unceasingly flirt with perfection with all tangible things. This is not supposed to be a generalisation but merely an observation. For instance… an urge to keep things meticulously tidy and pristine to the extent where this process gets in the way of simple enjoyment. However, like with everything in this world… entropy increases… always. Perfection is a momentary manifestation of state of mind. So enjoy it whilst it is there… for tomorrow what you may think perfect may turn your world upside down. Carpe Diem!

So here is my take on life (as per Edmund’s old tutor bubbleface): make love and be merry, for tomorrow you may catch some disgusting skin disease.